Elena is an amazing educator. She is truly passionate for what she does and the children under her care excel in all facets of education. She is very gentle, attentive to our kids, and finds many creative ways to represent or describe or even facilitate experiences of life by showing an array of wonderful things about our World and diverse cultures to our kids. She encourages our kids to develop in all levels (cognitive, emotionally and socially) from facilitating playgroup, drama, books, art craft, colours, doing excursions to national parks (being in the nature), dance and music. Our kids get involved in cooking projects, and how important it is in eating healthy, doing exercise, cleaning after themselves, etc. She has a beautiful set up area outside which is surrounded by play areas, toys, plants and garden. Inside she has a lovely learning/ play area full of wonders and open for learning experiences. She also has a few interesting pet animals that helps the kids be aware on how to be kind, socially responsible, and respectful at an early age. My son has been going to FDC since he was 8 months. He absolutely loves going there. We can not thank Elena enough for assisting our son to learn and develop so well! Elena always has time for us, parents, when we are not sure on something , any challenges or issues with our child’s development. I can say I am lucky to have Elena as our son’s educator. She is a wonderful genuine educator and I couldn’t recommend her more. Rita and Wayne
Elena is very friendly and welcoming. She has an amazing space for kids and does variety of activities. She is very experienced and genuinely love the kids.
Everyday, we drop off our daughter knowing that she is in great hands. Elena provides everything we need which allow us to feel comfortable and confident.
We can’t believe the changes we have seen in our daughter. Every time she comes home happy and with content. We can’t thank you enough to Elena. We are happy with our family day care decision and highly recommend this family day care to all families. Natalia
This family daycare is quite simply the most amazing place for your children to grow, develop and get ready for school. Elena is an incredible person and educator. I cannot even express how inquisitive and artistic, caring and nurturing her daycare is. My two children have been going there throughout the last four years. They are happy, well adjusted, social, sporty and they enjoy nature, craft and music. They run in the door every morning excited to start their day of adventure.
She is one in a million. Her daycare is a rare place. The photos on Clever Steps Facebook page demonstrate the quality of education and learning play they receive. My children have had the most wonderful start to their learning life. Erin


«Мой сын с большим интересом и энтузиазмом занимается русским языком в мини-группе у Елены. Несмотря на то, что то русский у него первый язык (английский начал учить в 5 лет), и говорит он на нем свободно, с грамматикой языка он познакомился только на занятиях. Елена в дружественной и игровой манере помогает ему освоить материал. Прогрессом и качеством получаемых знаний мы очень довольны. Но главное для меня — с каким восторгом и желанием он мчится на занятия к Елене, потому что она действительно знающий и любящий свое дело педагог. Спасибо, Елена, огромное!» — Юлия


«I couldn’t wish a better child care for my daughter! My girl is a very shy kid and so much attached to her family that I was 100% sure she wouldn’t be able to attend any child care at all. How surprised I was when she felt happy and comfortable with Elena right on the first day. Elena can find an individual approach to ANY child. I also very appreciate her learning program- they do so many educational things every day — they’re learning alphabet, how to read and write, having a lot of art lessons and many more things for early child development. Each child is loved and feels very safe and confident there.» —  Nadia


«Today is the last day for Elsie to be with your family day care. Over the past few months, you see her grow from a little baby to a little girl. She learned so much from you and it often surprised me. More importantly, I can see she is happy every day with you. All your careful planning and thoughts have made her life and my life so much easier. I am so glad that I have put her in good hands. I just want to say thank you to you. I will recommend you to all my friends if they are looking for a child care or family day care. I already felt that I have made a mistake to let Elsie leave you and start child care so early. 

One more thing, could you please send me a picture of you and Elsie if possible. I’ll print it out and stick it on our fridge so that Elsie can see you everyday. I am sure she will miss you. Wish you all the best! Please don’t forget Elsie and me in the future.» — Ann 


«Like most parents the decision to place my child in care was a big one, however, upon meeting Elena my mind was eased. My eldest child (now 3) began care with Elena when he was 6  months old and while he now attends long day care,  I knew when I had my second baby (now 20 months) that I would only feel comfortable if he was with Elena also and so he started when he was 5 months old. Elena is wonderful with children! Her disposition is calm, controlled and gentle. She enjoys forming relationships with the children she cares for and accommodates their unique and individual needs. She grows with them and follows their interests, often forming learning opportunities for them from this. Each of my children have formed a very special bond with Elena and have thrived in her care. I have no hesitation recommending her to anyone looking for an Educator that will nourish their child’s needs and focus on building a trusting and loving relationship with their child. My youngest now runs out the door to go to daycare and strides into Elena’s as though he owns the place, evidence of how comfortable he is there. Elena is trustworthy, balanced and passionate and her large backyard and resident bunny rabbits are a bonus!» — Kate


«Elena has been providing a caring and nurturing environment for my son since 2014 . She is very sensitive to the needs of each child and provides the very best in care, positive health and education and an engaging curriculum.  It’s not easy leaving your child at childcare, but Elena makes it very easy.  It’s a great sense of relief knowing your child is well cared for and well taught. Elena treats each child as an individual and helps them reach their full potential. She is creative, enthusiastic and warm. She goes above and beyond in her efforts to educate children and prepare them well for school. This includes academic activities, learning letters and numbers, fine motor activities and own name writing, drawing, painting, puppets theatre, dress up, singing, health and safety activities (i.e. crossing the road, washing hands before meals), learning about science, planting and growing vegetables, cooking and many cultural activities and excursions.  My son always have enjoyed attending and often did not want to leave there to go home. It’s a family, loving Day Care that fosters growth. Thank you for everything, Elena!» — Julia 


«Elena is an amazing educator. She has provided a stimulating an2d creative learning environment for our 18 month old daughter over the past year. It gives me great delight to see my child run in to day care excited to see Elena each morning. She gives each child personal attention and cares for them like they were her own. As a busy father, it reassures me that my daughter is receiving the best of care and early childhood education at Karapuz. I cannot recommend it highly enough!» — Kurt 

«My daughter had been in another non-council daycare before starting at Karapuz. In the other place she used to cry going in and was very cranky when I collected her. I felt huge guilt about this. Thankfully a place became available at the council supported Karapuz daycare run by Elena in Miranda. Simply put; Elena is an incredible child educator. From a parents perspective she is extremely professional, has attention to detail, has excellent communication/administration skills and keeps us informed continuously on how our child is progressing day by day. Elena is always smiling, warm, kind, quietly spoken and knows each child’s character in detail. She listens to and treats each child with respect and understanding. Elena creates a fun atmosphere and encourages the children to learn and explore through diverse activities, games and readings. Her family daycare has a huge array of indoor and outdoor learning and development toys including rabbits, sand pit, swing, slide and a vegetable garden! A fabulous large space that is meticulously kept and ideal for exploring. She mixes activities up so the children never get bored while closely following the early childhood curriculum. The daily descriptive report via email includes learning objectives and action photos — definitely a highlight of my day. She even organises external day trips to music, cultural and fun events. My child is content, happy and interacting with the other children really well. Overall she is thriving and has a thirst for learning, music and art and I believe Elena is the reason for this. I thank my lucky stars every day that we got a place in Karapuz as Elena goes above and beyond in so many aspects for the children.My little girl is receiving an individual learning program under the guidance of an expert who truly cares about creating a ‘caring harmonious family atmosphere’. A great foundation for her future….Thank you Elena.» — Erin 

«As a parent, there is nothing better than knowing your child is safe and in good hands. My daughter has been visiting the day care for 3.5 years and I have always been happy about the level of care and attention she received there. Needless to say, that she is dropped off and picked up with a smile on her face. Elena has an excellent pre-school program and good range of activities giving my daughter an opportunity to experience that learning is fun at an early age. The educator showed a genuine enthusiasm for her role, and the impact that she has made on our daughter is wonderful. She is developing so well and we really do credit much of that to the great care and attention that receives in the day care. We have no hesitation in recommending “Karapuz” Family Day Care to any parent or carer considering enrolling their child here»Katrina

«Мой сын изучает русский язык с Еленой уже больше года. Мне очень нравится ее подход к обучению детей и атмосфера на их ежененедельных занятиях. Все очень четко структурировано и интересно. Обязательная домашняя работа добавляет, конечно, забот родителям, но и улучшает запоминание пройденного материала 🙂 Елена очень позитивный человек и профессиональный преподаватель! С удовольствием буду рекомендовать занятия русским с Еленой всем родителям, которым хочется сохранить русский у своих деток»Maria