Family Day Care Karapuz is a great facility in the heart of Miranda, NSW, run by a passionate educator, enthusiastic carer and creative person Elena Nikiforova.


About Elena

I was born in Moscow Russia and moved to Australia in 2006. I have three children: eldest son Pavel and daughters Anna and Diana.

I have been a part of the Sutherland Shire Council Family Day Care Scheme since May 2010. I have 17 years experience working with children as a primary school teacher (overseas), a teacher at a Russian Community School, language tutor, facilitator of Playgroup and leader of Community Activity Group.

I am a very creative person. My passions include knitting, painting, cooking, drama and singing. I enjoy teaching children about these concepts and constantly update my own skills through training.


Essential qualifications, certificates and/or licenses required for this position

  • Educator of the year National Finalist — 2017 Excellence in Family Day Care Awards
  • Region’s Best Family Day Care Educator — 2017 Excellence in Family Day Care Awards
  • Region’s Best Family Day Care Educator – 2013 Excellence in Family Day Care Awards
  • Certificate III – Children’s Services (2008)
  • Overseas diploma of Primary school teacher as comparable to an Australian Bachelor Degree (1997)
  • MGU Certificate of Teaching Russian as a foreign language for child (2015)
  • USYD Certificate in Language Teaching (2016)
  • USYD Diploma in Language Teaching (2018)
  • Senior First Aid, Emergency Asthma and Anaphylaxis Management

About my service

  • Well qualified and experienced educator
  • Bilingual environment (English, Russian)
  • Nappies, bed linens and blankets, towels etc. provided
  • Excursions to the library, play sessions to other Family Day Care environments and parks every week.
  • Extra curriculum excursions
  • Program consists of benefits of Australian Early Years Learning Framework and Russian Preschool curriculum and is based on the individual child’s interests and needs.


About my facilities

The children in my service enjoy a light-filled indoor play area, ideal for engaging in experiences such as group time, craft, reading, felt board stories, dramatic play, manipulative experiences and much more. The room is well lit, and heated or cooled to maintain a comfortable room temperature at all times. The children sleep in cots and beds with waterproof mattresses.

The service also offers a covered outdoor area, ideal for craft and messy play during inclement weather. The large backyard is a haven for natural exploration, complete with a sandpit, cubbyhouse, chairs and tables for reading and play, a slide and ride on toys to enjoy around the garden’s pathways. We spend lots of time exploring in the backyard, engaging in many sensory and physical experiences. There is convenient, non-restricted parking along the front of the service. My facility is set in a quiet suburban street, yet easily accessible from a main road.

For more information please visit Sutherland Shire Council Children Services or contact Elena directly.


Домашний детский сад – это первые шаги малыша к познанию окружающего мира, к приобретению первого опыт общения со сверстниками в маленькой группе, можно сказать семье. Двуязычный детский сад – это еще и возможность говорить, читать, петь на родном русском языке, узнать и полюбить русскую культуру. Кроме того, детский сад «КАРАПУЗ» соответствует всем требованиям Австралийского законодательства:

  • Высококвалифицированный преподаватель с 17-летним стажем работы с детьми в России и Австралии.
  • Комбинированная программа, разработанная на основе Российской и Австралийской дошкольных программ.
  • Еженедельные посещения детских площадок, парков, библиотеки и других детских садов.
  • Программные экскурсии для расширения представлений детей об окружающем мире.
  • Индивидуальный подход к каждому ребенку в условиях малокомплектной группы.
  • Занятия по подготовке к школе ( для детей от 4 лет).
  • Разнообразие развивающих занятий по основным направлениям: литература и язык, математика, драматизация, ручной труд, музыка, физическая культура.
  • Зарегистрирован в Sutherland Shire Council Children Services (аккредитация для Subsidy);

Сад работает с понедельника по четверг с 8 до 17 часов в районе Miranda;

Узнать больше о детском саде «КАРАПУЗ» и прочитать отзывы родителей вы можете на сайте Sutherland Shire Council Children Services