Tramway Museum -have to go

We had a wonderful day in the tram museum!

The children looked at the old photos with genuine surprise, only trams as transport, even with horse-drawn traction. We examined all possible trams in the museum hall, tried to steer, close and open the doors. The guide intriguingly told the story of each tram. The train with doors that looked like a harmonica was very interesting to children, they could open and close doors by themselves.

The most interesting and frightening at the same time was the prison tram. The children paid attention to the grates, locks and lack of windows, . We were told the story of the escape of prisoners from this tram.

All together we rode with pleasure on operating trams several times, asking about interesting things inside, signals and features. We watched how conductor changed power lines and tram tracks.

Everyone liked to wave their hands at cars when the tram was crossing a highway.



National Book Week at Karapuz

This week is National Book week. We had excellent library visit on Wednesday. Librarian Sue read three books for us: “ The second sky”, “The very noise baby” and “Koala”. All books were of different types, had an idea for us to discuss and engage children to think about. Children were extremely attentive and active while also listening carefully. They answered questions if they could and commented on pictures. Then Sue acted out a story about rabbit who lost his pen. Children were engaged in story-telling by questions and non-verbal communication. They responded very positively to actions, smiling and laughing.