More about health

We had a special guest today. Riain’s mum Erin came to FDC to talk to Kalinka’s and Karapuz’s children about her profession – physio therapy. Erin explained what it means, who are physiotherapists, who we can meet at hospital. She demonstrated her job using our doll helping her to recover after accident. Children knew what doctors start with when they reach sick or injured person, how they check patient. They learned names of some medical tools and equipment, how they work, what they are for. Erin demonstrated a few actions on Elena making children smile. Then our group moved to physical exercises session. We warmed up a bit doing exercises and then learned yoga – animal poses. Children tried to do all poses copying Erin. Some were easy, but some were hard. We practised to balance and move own bodies. We all are saying big thank you to Erin for such interesting group time. We greatly appreciate your participation in our learning program.


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